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Episode 9 Scouting

Intro Sound

Eleanor: I’m honored you asked me to come with ya to look for the bird again, but shouldn’t Maribelle be doin’ this with us?

Betty: Maribelle and I aren’t talking right now. So, I asked you since you’re already in on it.

Eleanor: Ah well, that makes sense. So, is there a reason we are in a different section of the woods.

Betty: No ones looked here yet. So I figured I would. We would…

Eleanor: laughs It’s okay. I’ll help you look for the guardian or his tree circles.

Betty: Thanks. I know back here there’s some type of grove right on the river. It’s got a lot of willow trees and such.

Eleanor: I know exactly where you’re talkin’ bout.

Foot steps

Betty: Woah, what’s this?

Eleanor: It looks like some kind of shrine to...the guardian.

Betty: Look a fresh bird circle...gross I wow gross

Eleanor: Take a photo. Take lots of photos!

Camera clicking

Betty: Hey, a purple piece of cloth. I wonder if it’s from a robe.

Eleanor: Why a robe?

Betty: Penny was taken by someone in a purple robe.

Eleanor: Well let’s take it with us.

Betty: No, we need to leave it for when I bring Maribelle tomorrow.

Eleanor: Okay I’m going down the river a bit.

Betty: Yell if you find anything.

Camera clicking

Eleanor: Betty come quick! Come quick!


Betty: that

Eleanor: Some type of sacrificial altar? Looks like it.

Camera clicking

Betty: Oh no. I-I think I found something that was Penny’s.

Eleanor: You did!

Betty: This ring’s got...yeah, it’s got the ring she was going to propose to Maribelle with.

Eleanor:You understand what this means right?

Betty: I-

Eleanor: (monotone in the same tone as the guardian) Say yes if you understand

Betty: I understand. Pennys dead.


Maribelle: If you have any information about Penny you can reach us on Twitter @findingpennypod any and all help is more than welcome. Pen...if you’re out there please come home. Love, your Belle.

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