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Episode 10 Graduation

Intro Sound

Door bell

Maribelle: Got it!

Door opens

Maribelle: What do you want?

Betty: I wanted to come apologize in person since you’re ignoring my calls.

Maribelle Mom: Who is it?

Maribelle: It’s Betty!

Foot steps

Maribelle Mom: Well, hello Betty. Here to give Maribelle a ride?

Betty: Yes!

Maribelle: Mom, I told you I was riding with you.

Maribelle Mom: Don’t be silly. You know that if you ride with Betty we can pick up Aunt Regina. Come on in Betty, let’s get some photos of our two graduates.

Maribelle: Mom

Betty: This is great Mrs. Cook thanks. Come on Maribelle.

Maribelle: Fine.

Maribelle Mom: Now get in together and smile. Say cheese!

Maribelle/Betty: Cheese

Maribelle Mom: Good, now put your tassel on the other side. You know, so I can get the photo.

Maribelle: Mom

Maribelle Mom: Don’t mom me. Do it!

Betty: It’s fine, come on.

Maribelle Mom: Now say cheese.

Maribelle/Betty: Cheese

Maribelle Mom: Y’all are too cute. Now, you better get goin.

Maribelle: Bye mom.

Maribelle Mom: See you when you’re officially a high school graduate.

Walking, door closing

Maribelle: I’m not getting in your car. I’m going to wait out here ‘til my parents are ready to leave.

Betty: Can you just please ride with me? I'm trying to make things up to you.

Maribelle: No!

Car horn honks

Eleanor: Hey Maribelle, you still ridin’ with me?

Maribelle: Yeah, I am. And I’m going with her to the fair tonight.

Betty: Well then when I meet the Guardian tonight I’ll tell him that I don’t want Penny back!

Maribelle: You said it yourself, the guardian ain’t real. Now I’m riding to graduation with Eleanor.

Betty: Fine, be like that. I hope you and your amazing new best friend have a great time tonight.

Maribelle: Oh we will!

Car door slams

Maribelle: Drive.

Eleanor: Okay...but...don’t you think you should make up with Betty? I mean y’all are best friends.

Maribelle: Don’t start with me, okay. Let’s just go.

Eleanor: Whatever you say Maribelle. But honestly, I think Betty may have found the guardian so you may want to go with her tonight.

Maribelle: You’re on her side now?

Eleanor: You’re bein’ down right irrational. We can all three go if that will make ya happy.

Maribelle: Fine, whatever.

Eleanor: Good, we can meet her there tonight at seven okay. I’ll pick ya up at about six forty-five.


Maribelle: If you have any information about Penny you can reach us on Twitter @findingpennypod any and all help is more than welcome. Pen...if you’re out there please come home. Love, your Belle.

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