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Episode 12 Water Tower

Intro Sound

Footsteps running and panting

Maribelle: (out of breath) What’s this about a ring?

Betty: (out of breath as well) Ask Penny when we revive her.

Panting as footsteps stop

Betty: The ladder is old. I think only one of us should go up.

Maribelle: We’re both going to be needed to pull her out. I’ll go first.

Betty: Okay.

Climbing up the ladder

Maribelle: It’s so tall! We’re never going to make it.

Betty: Don’t give up. We will. We have to.

Maribelle: Do you think that Penny would want this?

Betty: I think she would want to marry you.

Maribelle: But does she want to be reborn.

Betty: Well, energy is neither created or destroyed so if you ask me, she’s already been reincarnated.

Maribelle: Right. She-

Sound of metal breaking and Betty screaming.

Maribelle: Betty!

Betty: It’s okay I didn’t fall. Goddess, give me strength. Don’t look down. Don’t look down.

Maribelle: We’re here. Let me-

Iron creaking then snapping and Betty screaming.

Maribelle: Betty! No. No. No. No!

Iron crashing

Maribelle: (Screaming) Help! Someone help!

Pacing on iron

Maribelle: Fuck, I can’t get down and Betty, god, she’s down there.

Distant calls of get help someone’s hurt

Maribelle: (Screaming) Betty someone’s coming! I’m not going anywhere.

Ambulance sirens in the distance.

Maribelle: (Talking to herself) I’m not leaving you no matter what. Do you remember when we first met in kindergarten. Our last names put us right next to each other. We couldn’t be separated and haven’t been separated since then.

Eleanor: Well it looks like you're stuck, but if ya get Pennys body out I’ll take it to the altar for you.

Maribelle: You! This is all your fault.

Eleanor: It’s your fault Maribelle. Do you even remember whose idea it was to go lookin’ for me in the first place.

Maribelle: Penny’s, she wanted to cure her mom's cancer.

Eleanor: But you put the idea in her head.

Maribelle: I did not!

Eleanor: We all know that’s a lie. You told her the story right here as a suggestion. Maybe you told her the story to make her feel better but we all know it was you. And now you’ve gone and lost Betty too.

Maribelle: I haven’t lost her.

Eleanor: Why’s that? Didn’t you see her fall and watch the water tower ladder land on her as well.

Maribelle: I want you to save Betty.

Go do whatever it is you have to do to save her. Penny is dead and it’s time I started to move on.

Guardian: As you wish…

Maribelle: (soft crying) I’m sorry Pen...

Sirens and time lapse music into hospital room beeping

Nurse: Okay I’ve finished dressing the wounds you can see her now.

Maribelle: Thanks...hey Betty

Betty: (slightly disoriented) Maribelle? Did we get her back? Did the Guardian grant your wish?

Maribelle: They did. I wished that you would be okay.

Betty: You chose me.

Maribelle: I chose you.

Betty: What about Penny?

Penny: What about me?


Maribelle: If you have any information about The Guardian or Eleanors whereabouts please reach out to us on Twitter @findingpennypod. I won’t rest till they pay for what they’ve done to Penny.

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