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Episode 11 Graduation

Intro Sound

Fair music

Betty: Come on!

Maribelle: I really don’t want to be with you at all.

Eleanor: Look, I can tell you that what she’s gonna show you is worth it. We found an altar to the guardian in the woods.

Maribelle: Fine whatever, just show me.

Betty: It’s-


Maribelle: Not again. No. We need to-

Eleanor: Run? I don’t think that’s a good idea. Don’t you wanna talk to us about why we took Penny?

Betty: Us?

Maribelle: You son of a bitch.

Eleanor: Now girls I don’t want y’all to take it the wrong way. Just come see what we have to show you.

Chanting grows louder

Betty: I don’t like this.

Maribelle: Me either.

Chanting stops and the sound of fire crackles

Eleanor: Good evening followers, you are here to witness a glorious event. The guardian is going to grace us with its presence.


Eleanor: Silence. He comes to speak to Betty and Maribelle. Those worthy of a wish.

Angry murmurs.

Eleanor: I said Silence

Bones snapping and breaking then everyone gasping some people running

The Guardian: Now children there is no need to fear. You have known me all along.

Betty: Maribelle we need to run.

Maribelle: It was Eleanor the whole time…

Betty: Maribelle don’t!

Maribelle: Where’s Penny!

Guardian: Betty why don’t you tell your friend what you know?

Betty: She’s gone. They killed her. I-I came out here with Eleanor the other day and I found… I found the ring Penny was going to propose to you with.

The Guardian: But did you find the body?

Betty: No, just the ring.

Maribelle: I know what I want my wish to be.

The Guardian: To bring Penny back, you must first retrieve her body for me.

Maribelle: Where is it?

The Guardian: Find Penny where it all began.

Maribelle: Come back, you sick fuck!

Betty: Maribelle, we don’t have time, we have to figure out where it all began.

Maribelle: The water tower!


Maribelle: If you have any information about Penny you can reach us on Twitter @findingpennypod any and all help is more than welcome. Pen...if you’re out there please come home. Love, your Belle.

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